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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I Need A Prescription?

A Yes. You must provide a valid prescription completed by a physician licensed to practice medicine and issue prescriptions where you live. The pharmacies that we deal with in Canada and other countries (New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K.) will not dispense medication without a valid prescription.

Q Why do I have to fill out a medication history form and sign a medical release?

A As part of our service to you, we complete a drug interaction review (DUR) to ensure that your prescription is safe to take with your other prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

In order to fill your prescription, an independent Doctor must review your file and authorize your prescription. In the event that questions arise and the Doctor may need to speak with your U.S. Doctor, and we need your permission to do so.

Q Are drugs made to the same quality levels as US drugs?

A We obtain prescription medication from only those countries that set exceptionally high pharmaceutical standards. In some countries like Canada, the standards are actually higher than those in the U.S. While the name might be different, most often the drugs sold in those countries are exactly the same (even the packaging) as those that you buy in the U.S. with one exception….the price!

Q Why are generic drugs more readily available in those countries than in the US?

A Patent protection laws in those countries are different than in the US and allow for easier and earlier manufacture of generic and ultra generic drugs. Ultra generic drugs are generic drugs produced by the brand name manufacturer.

Q Are generic drugs from Canada and other countries safe?

A Canadian or other countries' generic drugs fall under the same approval and regulatory process as brand name drugs. Some manufacturers that you might recognize include Apotex, Genpharm, Novopharm and Pharmascience are FDA approved.

We refuse to import from such countries as India and Singapore since we cannot verify that the manufacturing safety standards as well as shipping standards to what is in place in Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. As a result, we currently refuse to offer prescribed medication manufactured in those countries.

Q Can medications with codeine be shipped to the US?

A Some codeine products are available in Canada or other countries without a prescription, but it is against the laws of those countries to export narcotics. Codeine is considered a narcotic. Also, it is illegal to ship narcotics, including drugs like codeine into the US.

Q Why can't you sell Valium or other similar drugs to US residents?

A Again, for the same reason as stated above, it is illegal to ship controlled substances to the United States.

Q How much are shipping charges and how long will I have to wait?

A Shipping charges and delivery times vary by country. For the U.S. current rates are $17.50 with a 10 to 15 day delivery time. There is no additional fee based on the size of the order so you can save money by ordering all of your prescription medications at one time.

Q Are there any sales taxes charged on my US prescription from Canada or other countries?

A There is no sales tax charged on products shipped to the U.S.

Q How can I pay for my medications?

A We have the facility to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, E-Check (pre-authorized check debit) and International Money Order.

Q Can you bill my insurance company?

A While we are unable to accept insurance plans from other countries due primarily to systems incompatibility, we will provide you with a receipt which can be submitted to your insurer for reimbursement.

Q Is it safe to purchase prescription drugs from Canada?

A The medications dispensed by our pharmacies come directly from the same pharmaceutical manufacturers that you know in the in the U.S. and are provided in original sealed tamper-proof packaging.

Q How do I know when to purchase drugs through Canadian mail order, through U.S. mail order, or from my local drug store?

A Your local drug store is in the best position to provide you with short-term prescriptions that you need for less than three months. You should use for any prescription that is for three months or longer, such as a maintenance medication. If your doctor is willing to provide a three-month prescription, check our Canadian drug list to determine whether you can obtain it from

Q My spouse and I are both using maintenance medications. Do we both need to enroll?

A Yes, because each individual prescription is reviewed by a physician who looks at the personal medical history you provide, it is important that each person requesting a prescription medication fill out the appropriate forms.

Q What should I do if I still have several refills left on my current prescription?

A You don’t need to wait until your current prescription expires. Contact your doctor’s office and ask them to write you a new prescription for a three-month supply and have them fax it to the Canadian pharmacy at 1-877-948-0464. Or, you may also obtain an original prescription from your doctor and mail it to the Canadian pharmacy.

Q Does my doctor need to talk to the Canadian pharmacy?

A No, not usually. However, the Canadian pharmacy will contact your doctor if it has any questions about your prescription.

Q What if my doctor's office doesn't want to fax my prescription to the Canadian pharmacy?

A If your doctor does not want to do this for whatever reason, just ask him or her for a paper prescription and mail the original directly to the pharmacy. Be sure to CLEARLY have your name, address, phone number and date of birth on the prescription.

Q How much time should I allow for delivery?

A Initial orders usually take between 14 and 21 days to arrive at your doorstep. Most refills are delivered within 10 days. However, U.S. Customs has the right to hold shipments up to 30 days.

Q My order has not arrived. How can I find out when it will come?

A You can track your order by calling 1-888-700-5509.

Q I received my order, but the medication looks different than what I’m used to and/or the label has a different name.

A Drugs sometimes have different appearances and names when packaged for sale in different countries. To be sure you received the correct medicine, you can look on the informational material that came with your prescription. It will usually reference both the Canadian and U.S. name of the medicine. It will sometimes include a product description. You can also call the pharmacy at1-888-700-5509 to verify that the medicine you received was correct.

Q Do I need to be at home in order to get my product?

A Packages from Canada are shipped using Priority Mail through the U.S. Postal Service. These packages do not require a signature, but mail carriers ay and may ask for one anyway. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the carrier may leave a notice so you can either have it delivered later or pick it up at the post office.

Q If ibenefitRx is such a good idea, why haven’t I heard about it?

A First of all we don’t do a great deal of advertising. Most of our business comes from word of mouth via our Independent Representatives. In 2003 the pharmaceutical industry mounted a campaign to restrict our ability to ship brand name medications into the U.S. at lower prices. They questioned the safety of the products plus the professionalism of the pharmacies dispensing the products. However, a number of states conducted studies that determined there was no great cause for concern. Since then, we have simply gone about business in our normal manner, trying not to disturb the sleeping giants.

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