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Medicare and ibenefitRx

Should I participate in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Should I Use Medicare?

How much can YOU SAVE?

Every American eligible for Medicare can now obtain insurance coverage for prescription drug costs by selecting an appropriate drug plan and paying the applicable monthly premium.

However, in many cases, the savings offered by Medicare still can’t match the savings offered by buying your prescriptions directly from ibenefitRx.

A true comparison can only be made by listing the exact medications and adding up the costs on an annual basis and then comparing prices offered through your local pharmacy and ibenefitRx.

Individuls may find it best to utilize both ibenefitRx and Medicare Part D or to simply forego the insurance and use ibenefitRx. 

Can I use Medicare Part D and continue to purchase medications from ibenefitRx?

Yes, many patients fall into the "Doughnut hole" as defined in Medicare Part D. This is where there is no coverage for yearly medications in excess of $2,250 and below $5,100.

What medications if any should I purchase through Medicare Part D?

You should purchase your Narcotics / Controlled Substances, Lifestyle, Antibiotics, and any Refrigerated Products as these products are unavailable from ibenefitRx

What are some examples of medications I should consider purchasing from ibenefitRx?

The greatest savings offered by ibenefitRx are on Brand Name Maintenance Medications and generic drugs not yet offered in the U.S.. Savings of 30-80% is common for our clients. For example, Plavix is a well known brand name cardiovascular drug. In the U.S. the average price for a 90 day supply is $473.90. In Canada, the same brand supply costs $252.72. In Canada, there is also a generic equivalent available at a price of $163.73. Unfortunately, in the U.S., Plavix is still under patent protection so no generic equivalent is currently available.

If you have questions regarding price comparisons, please call our Customer Service Desk, or browse our website.

Can I buy my medications through Medicare Part D and when I have reached the maximum coverage resume my purchasing through ibenefitRx?

Yes, however you may save more by purchasing Brand Nmed Maintenance Medications through ibenefitRx right from the start. This would allow you to maximize your coverage under Medicare Part D for the medications that are not available from ibenefitRx.

Are there additional savings by purchasing my medications though ibenefitRx?

Upon conducting a proper comparison, you might discover that it may not be beneficial to enroll in Medicare Part D, thus saving you the monthly premiums. Please note, ibenefitRx is not recommending this option unless you have completed an accurate comparison and talked to your Medicare representative.

Is Medicare Right For You? Find Out Now.

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