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Adobe Forms and Registration for Prescriptions

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Ontario College of Pharmacists

Our Canadian dispensing pharmacy is licensed and accredited with the Ontario College of Pharmacists and adheres to its high standards. All of our pharmacists are health professionals licensed and regulated by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

We go to great lengths to ensure your medications are dispensed accurately, do not conflict with other medications you may be taking, and are delivered promptly to your door.

The dispensing pharmacy in Ontario Canada has been accredited, and is part of a regulated profession governed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.


The OCP Pharmacist

Consider him or her to be a trusted member of your family’s health care team. Pharmacists are professionally trained individuals held to a high standard of practice. Your pharmacist has met the following standards before receiving their license to practice:

As an Ontario pharmacist with good standing, the pharmacist follows:

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