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ibenefitRx Pharmacist

ibenefitRx is a leading international prescription drug service provider supported by a network of professional International and Canadian pharmacies offering low priced prescription drugs and medications.

At ibenefitRx, buying from an online International or Canadian pharmacy has never been easier or more cost effective. You can order prescription drugs and medication from ibenefitRx by simply supplying a valid prescription from a licensed physician. We will then dispense the prescription or medication from the lowest world-wide cost provider while ensuring that your order is processed on a timely basis.

All of our International and Canadian online pharmacy affiliates offer convenient prescription refills.

Prescription MedsThrough strict quality assurance measures mandated in our pharmacies, ibenefitRx is dedicated to patient safety. Every step throughout the process is designed to ensure the accuracy of each prescription ("Rx") order. A pharmacist reviews each prescription ("Rx") to determine order accuracy or any possible drug reactions and actually contacts the patient's physician for verification. Every action taken by the pharmacy’s staff revolves around patient safety. Additional quality assurance measures are maintained throughout the fulfillment and delivery processes which conclude when you receive your order delivered in tamper proof packaging.

Pharmacies located in countries that do not adhere to strict pharmacy and drug manufacturing regulations are precluded from the ibenefitRx network. 

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